With much trepidation and doubt, I finally pressed the send button.  The words to one of my nonfiction stories about a woman on a bicycle have traveled through sound and light waves.  An agent (Clelia at Martinlit) and a mentorship program director at the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators have my baby in their hands (or eyes).  The waiting begins...probably one to three months of hand-wringing and infinite thought loops. Even with my critique partners' joyful blessings and an editor's praise, I am still terrified. In this business, rejection is the norm, with success the exception. Nothing ventured nothing gained...but having ventured I feel pained! It is hard to separate my psyche from the words on the manuscript. Or to view rejection as a trajectory towards improvement rather than as a plane crash. 

     So it is done! I will deal with the outcome. Hopefully with squeals of joy but possibly with tears of sadness. I feel proud of myself that I put my work out there.  There is satisfaction in taking the risk. I will accept wishes, prayers, hopes or psychic help from any who wish to give them!