Patience Needed!

I haven't updated this blog for some time because I have been busy working on my "Annie" manuscript. As mentioned in my previous post, I was accepted into the SCBWI Mentorship program. Clare Meeker, my mentor and a well-respected writer of nonfiction children's books, has met with me twice. Following her insightful comments, I have been revising the text. The plan is to continue honing the words and the story flow for the next six months. Hopefully, by then it will be ready for submission. Writing and publishing children's books is a slow process. I am learning patience!

Last weekend I attended my first writer's retreat at the gorgeous Island Wood on Bainbridge Island. The lectures by established writers inspired me to keep going despite the rejection, frustration, and isolation of creating. I promise to keep you all posted. Thank you for following my progress.

patricia oppenheim